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  • Is there a baby-sitting service? 
    • No, Camping Punta Lago does not provide a baby-sitting service. 


  • Where can I find the entertainment programme?
    • The entertainment programme can be found next to the Mini-Market and on the notice board next to the communal bathrooms. 


  • From what age can children enter the mini-club?
    • The mini-club accommodates children from 3 to 12 years old. 


    • When do the animation activities start?
  • Entertainment activities take place every day, except Sundays, from 1 July to 30 August.



  • Is the beach private?
    • No, the whole beach is free. 


  • Is the beach equipped?
    • No, the beach does not have any equipment.


  • Can I bring my own parasol and deckchair to the beach?
    • Yes, you can bring your own parasol and deckchair and place them anywhere on the beach.


  • Can I take my dog to the beach?
    • Yes, you can bring take your dog to the beach on a leash.


  • Can I take my dog into the water?
    • Yes, you can take your dog into the water. Our advice is to take it at times when there are fewer bathers.


  • Is there a bau-beach?
    • Yes, there is a small bau-beach 300m from the campsite.


  • Is it possible to rent bikes on the campsite? 
    • Yes, it is possible to hire trekking bikes on the campsite. 
  • Is it possible to hire kayaks on the campsite?
    • Yes, you can rent double and single kayaks.
  • Where can I rent electric bikes and mountain bikes? 

Cicli Ghesla has an agreement with us. It provides rental of all types of bicycles, discounted for guests of Camping Punta Lago. They also offer the possibility of delivery and collection directly at the campsite.


  • Are the gates always open for the movement of motor or electric vehicles? 
    • No, the gates close from 11 pm to 7.30 am. During the same hours it is forbidden to drive motor vehicles inside the camping. You can enter the campsite on foot or by bicycle at any time. 
  • At what time can I leave the campsite?

    • For the PITCHES: from 7.30 am to 1 pm. For the mobile homes from 7.30 am to 10 pm. Departure before 8 am is only permitted for guests who have checked out by evening before.
  • Is it possible to leave before 7.30 am? 
    • It is possible to leave before 7.30 am if you have parked your vehicle in the car park behind Reception the night before by 11 pm. 
  • Is it possible to enter and leave the campsite at night?
    • The entrance gates are closed between 11.00 pm and 7.30 am. Motorised vehicles cannot enter, leave or circulate on the campsite during this time. You may only leave on foot, and only enter if you have an identification bracelet to show to the security officer.
  • From what time to what time is the reception open?
    • The reception is open, without a break, from 8 am to 10 pm. 


  • Which restaurants have an agreement with us?
  • Pineta Restaurant, via Pineta 1, Caldonazzo.
  • Agriturismo dal Perotin, via Brenta 70/A, Caldonazzo.
  • Osteria Morelli, Piazza Generale Albino Petrini 1, Pergine Valsugana.
  • Rifugio Crucolo, Strada dei Sassi Rossi, Scurelle.


For the first tree restaurants, simply show your ID bracelet at the till to receive the discount. For Rifugio Crucolo ask for the coupon at the reception. 

  • What are the affiliated activities?
  • Cicli Ghesla, Piazza Vecchia 14, Caldonazzo.
  • La Sportiva?
  • Le Garuda?


  • Is it possible to receive guests in the facility?
    • Yes, it is possible to receive guests in the facility from 8.30 am until – and no later than – 8.30 pm. Access is at the Management’s discretion. In order to gain access, guests must hand in an identity document at the reception, which will be returned on leaving.


  • Do guests have a charge?
    • Yes, after the first hour of stay (free of charge) guests pay 5 euros per day per person. In the event that guests refuse to pay, the amount will be added to their bill. 


  • Can day guests park their car inside the facility?
    • No, day guests are not allowed to park their car inside the facility.


  • Can guests sleep in the facility? 
    • Guests may sleep on the property after checking in. 


  • Who is responsible for day guests? 
    • The responsibility for day guests lies with those who decide to accommodate them on the campsite. Persons caught inside the campsite without authorisation from the Management will be subject to denunciation for trespassing under Art. 614 C.P., for theft of services under Art. 624 C. P., for the invasion of land and buildings pursuant to Art. 633 C. P., for violation of the Public Security Regulations and for the crime of contractual fraud.


- How can I book a mobile home?

o On the Camping Punta Lago website, through the online booking system, you can book your stay and always have access to the best rates.

- Is it possible to park my car near the mobile home?

o Each mobile home has, included in the price, a parking space next to or a few metres away from it.

- At what time can the accommodation unit be occupied?

o The accommodation unit is guaranteed from 16.00.

- What time is check-out time for the accommodation unit on the day of departure?

o On departure, the accommodation unit must be vacated by 10 a.m. The keys must be handed in at Reception.

- Are the accommodation units equipped with bed linen and towels?

o Only the Deluxe mobile homes are equipped with bed linen and towels, for the Venezia, Capri, Titania and O'Hara mobile homes, as well as for the Cocoon Tent, these can be added to the quote when booking.

- Is it possible to hire a cot and high chair?

o Yes, it is possible to add them when booking.

- Is end-of-stay cleaning included in the price?

o Yes, end-of-stay cleaning is included in the price, which you can see when booking.

- Can the barbecue be used in the accommodation units?

o No, barbecues cannot be used in or near the accommodation units. However, you can use the barbecue area made available to all guests of the camping.

- What are the cancellation policies?

o You can find the cancellation policy valid for the whole of 2024 at this link


  • Where is the nearest pharmacy?
    • The nearest pharmacy is in Caldonazzo, via Trozo dei Cavai 8. 


  • Where is the nearest hospital?
    • The nearest hospital is in Trento: Ospedale Santa Chiara, in Largo Medaglie d’Oro 9. 


  • Where is the on-call doctor’s surgery located? 
    • The on-call doctor’s surgery is in Pergine Valsugana: Villa Rosa, in Spolverine Street 84.


  • What is the number to contact the emergency medical service? 
    • The number to call to speak to the on-call doctor is: 116117.


  • Are pets allowed on the campsite? 
    • Yes, pets are accepted on the pitches.


  • Are pets allowed in mobile homes?
    • No, pets are not allowed in the mobile homes. 


  • How many animals are allowed on the pitch? 
    • A maximum of 3 animals of any size. 


  • Can I drive around the whole campsite with my dog? 
    • You may circulate throughout the campsite with your dog on a lead, except in the mobile homes or in the Deluxe mobile home relaxation area. 


  • Can I access the sanitary facilities with my pet?
    • No, it is not possible to bring animals into the sanitary facilities. There is a space outside toilets with a shower for washing your four-legged friends. 


  • Can I bring my dog to the beach?
    • Yes, it is possible to take your dog to the beach on a leash. 


    • Can I take the dog into the water?
  • Yes, you can take your dog into the water. The advice is to let him swim at off-peak times.



  • For how long do I have my own private bathroom
    • From 3p.m. on the day of arrival until 1 p.m. on the day of departure. 


  • How can I book a private bathroom? 
    • By booking a pitch or Cocoon tent from our website, you can add the reservation of a private bathroom.


  • How can I book a pitch?
    • On the Camping Punta Lago website, through online booking, you can book your stay and always have access to the best rates.


  • Is it possible to book a specific pitch number?
  • You can give a preference regarding the number of your pitch, our booking office will try to accommodate you where possible. When booking, the pitch type is guaranteed for the chosen period of stay, but not the number. The final pitch number will only be communicated upon the arrival at the campsite. 

  • Can I book all pitches?
  • Yes, all pitches are bookable.

  • How many amperes do the pitches have?
  • Depending on the type of pitch, they have 4 or 6 amps.
  • Can I have a barbecue on the campsite?
    • You can only have a barbecue on your pitch if it is a gas barbecue. Alternatively, you can use the barbecue area made available to all campsite guests.
  • What is included in the price of the pitch?
    • The price of the pitch includes electricity, water, the use of bathrooms with hot showers, access to all common areas of the campsite, entertainment, and a parking space.


  • Are hot showers charged for?
    • No, hot showers are included in the price of the pitch.


  • Is there a baby room?
    • Yes, there is a baby room in the communal bathroom block. You can access it by asking for the code in Reception.


  • Is there a bathroom for the disabled?
    • Yes, there is a disabled toilet in the communal bathroom block. You can access it by asking for the key in the reception, which you can keep until the end of your stay.


  • Are there washing machines and dryers available? 
    • Yes, there are 3 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers. Each washing or drying cycle costs 4.00€. 


  • Is the use of the Wi-Fi network free?
    • Yes, use of the Wi-Fi network is free of charge. Signal reception may vary depending on the device used. The open-air layout of the campsite, with moving vegetation and trees, does not guarantee a perfect connection in every area, pitch or corner of the campsite.